Our Unique Value to Clients

Intelligent De
cision Partners, LLC (IDP) is a unique firm that specializes in providing fast, focused, and comprehensive Multi Source Intelligence.  We focus on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) but work in any security environment necessary that enables our Government and Private Sector clients to make informed decisions and develop comprehensive risk management strategies.  This applies to a broad range of political, economic, business, intelligence and national security mission challenges.

We use both innovative and time honored methodologies and techniques to locate, collect and analyze information from a range of human and open sources worldwide, to provide decision-makers with the unbiased insights, knowledge, recommendations and strategies they need to seize opportunities and avoid threats.  Our work is conducted with the highest ethical standards and never repackaged.   Inputs are continually refreshed and monitored for dynamic decision-making as real world events occur.

IDP consistently delivers the insights, knowledge and results not routinely produced by others. Our team is composed of objective senior-level personnel with decades of high-level government, private sector and international experience.  We have access to key decision makers, influencers and knowledge sources connected tightly with industry and government. Our team includes a wide range of subject matter expertise, language capabilities and worldwide geographic coverage, giving us access to knowledge from sources often unavailable to others.  This gives our clients unilateral advantages.

IDP has grown by understanding its clients and carefully supplying the information they need for success in their missions and objectives.  We have provided worthwhile contributions to the national security and intelligence communities and other civilian agencies within the US Government.  In the private sector we have worked for academia, the legal community and a range of small to large companies.  We routinely support existing and emerging government and private sector requirements related to the confluence of global issues, technology, policy, operations, and strategy.